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IT outsourcing in St. Petersburg, Moscow and in the provinces

A full spectrum of information technology services for your company: from IT strategies to project execution and technical support. More than ten years in the business and a multiplicity of successfully completed projects enable us to offer highly effective and acceptable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

IT outsourcing guarantees all-inclusive services provided by highly professional specialists, including narrowly focused specialists. What is more, you will never run into difficulties with HR records management and tax reporting. We do believe and have already proved in practice that everybody has to do they can do best: you develop your company while we secure you the support you need by using our professional team’s unrivaled experience and best IT practices.

Our goal is to build up trust-based relationships with our customers through the perfect fulfillment of obligations and high quality IT service.

IT outsourcing is going to become your company’s advantage that works to your benefit and provides you with a wide range of IT services. With our services we strain after you putting into use ever-emerging advanced technologies and forward looking information technology solutions. That would let you offer your customers and partners more comfortable cooperation conditions, which means that you get yet another advantage over competitors aimed at reaching your target audience and branching out.

Among the services we offer there are the following:

  • IT infrastructure auditing and examination of its meeting the needs of your business;
  • IT strategy development;
  • creation or recreation of IT services department;
  • IT management services;
  • implementation and support of visualization systems;
  • implementation and support of Asterisk IP telephony;
  • creation of geographically-dispersed companies network and its support;
  • corporate information security against inside threat and data loss;
  • personnel leasing (outstaffing);
  • first-line support outsourcing (help-desk);
  • IT infrastructure relocation;
  • many other outsource services.

We are in the business for more than ten years and we are constantly offering high quality IT services and IT outsourcing to companies of a wide range of activity areas. For information technology it is an entire era. Almost everyone, who has ever worked with Expertcom, continues the cooperation at present. This is something we are proud of!

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