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Hello. My name is Maxim Poleshchenko. I am the CEO of the IT company Expertcom, which was founded in 2002. At the very beginning of our activity our team put a focus on IT outsourcing. Back in those years, IT outsourcing has already started to quickly gain popularity. Nowadays, a growing number of executives come to an understanding that it is the IT technologies that hugely contribute to the improvements in the efficiency of any business.

The fact is that for many companies IT infrastructure is, on the one hand, a required element for a successful business and its further development, and on the other hand, IT infrastructure’s performance control is often beyond the competency of the company. In this case there is a need in heavy investments into new specialists training. It often happens that these huge investments do not meet the expectations and do not make economic sense.

We tackle all these problems and help our clients to cut expenses on having the IT staff. After all these years of successful performance we have formed a really good team of professionals and carried out many successful projects. We have decided to use the experience gained through the years of our activity and to create a new project aimed at small and medium-sized business. In 2010 the goal was achieved: we launched a special pilot project, which provides small and medium-sized companies with an excellent service on clients and equipment support in Russia and abroad. Today we proudly offer you our knowledge and experience.

We are ready to help you not only with computer services but also with the support of the life-circle of your company, as such: IT conception creation, creation of the IT services department, auditing etc.

We have learned to trace and tame the best ideas used in IT outsourcing not only in our country, but also abroad. In addition to that, our company, consisting of engineers, programmers, auditors and managers, develops unique and creative solutions and adopts these integrated solutions for yet more effective business administration.

We always take into account the strategy that the client is following and therefore offer a new balanced and effective approach to information technology that would make the IT infrastructure more transparent and clear, easier to control, user-friendly and cheaper.

You can contact us already today or even right now, so that after the collaboration you will understand why our clients value us that much.