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IT infrastructure auditing

The automation of business processes, now used in all business segments, made the business function in a more productive way but also made it dependent on IT infrastructure. The performance of many processes, especially in the area of planning and communication, their continuity and availability are highly dependent on modern information technologies and telecommunication systems.

IT infrastructure is an extremely complex system that includes hardware and software and which is closely related to engineering infrastructure. The reliability of such a system depends on the reliability of every single its element and on the occurrence of bottleneck problems in this system. IT hazards lead to the inaccessibility of the software and, therefore, to business processes interruptions.

Along with the operational safety, optimally-configured IT infrastructure is of no less great importance. Ill-configured infrastructure increases hazards and leads to excessive exploitation costs.

IT infrastructure condition gets highly critical under the company’s growth or during the implementation of new technologies. In order to minimize the debilitating effects of this transition state it is highly recommended to take precautions and to prepare IT infrastructure for the possible changes. IT auditing is the first step towards it.

During the auditing process our specialists build a complete picture of the client’s IT infrastructure, determine potentially hazardous conditions, calculate the maintenance costs and check whether the infrastructure meets the needs of the customer’s business.

After the auditing process the client is provided with the following materials:

  • company’s IT resources detailed scheme, which allows to easily manage the current IT state;
  • current IT processes description with the determined degree of conformity with the required standards and practices;
  • IT infrastructure hazard analysis and resolution guidelines;
  • guidelines for engineering  and managerial processes optimization.