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Creation and recreation of IT services department

In the modern times for every company it is vital to pay proper attention to information technologies and their extensive support that covers every single aspect of the IT system: from cable placing to world-wide remote offices support.

Such a support should be assured, immediate, uninterrupted.

It is important not only to provide this technical support but to also work on the creation of a comfortable psychological environment for those customers who asked for help.

A good performance of such a support is guaranteed by the right choice of the software and its correct implementation and operation.

If you still do not have an IT services department composed of your own staff, if there are crucial problems in the performance of your IT services or if you need high-professional IT specialists – call us now!

Companies that do not use the modern approaches to IT management face a series of problems, which are not necessarily notable but they undoubtedly thwart the overall performance:

  • Poor information resources management;
  • Slow information processes development rate;
  • Problems with the half-backed information system;
  • “Inflation” of IT managerial personnel due to the overlap between various organization units;
  • Lack of a unified help-desk;
  • Outdated and inconsistent regulatory base;
  • Poor administrative supervision over IT services;
  • High technical and project risks and human performance risks.

Solution to the problem

You can profit from the experience of Expertcom professionals. We specialize in IT outsourcing and thus have wide experience in successful creation of technical support services for various companies. We place our stake on the process approach and the implementation of help-desk and service-desk systems even in smaller companies, and all that was already successfully proven in practice.

Our solutions are based on ITIL and COBIT recommendations, and our wide experience guarantees the achievement of the best results.

We can offer you a complete IT help-desk outsourcing or its effective fusion with your own technical support services department. It will ensure the total control over all IT processes and will shorten the project execution time and drive down the help-desk costs.

What will you gain after addressing Expertcom?

  • Whithin a short period of time you can organize IT infrastructure maintainance;
  • You will quickly create an effective help-desk;
  • You will provide the users with the highest possible services;
  • You will increase fidelity of the users to your IT service department;
  • You will cut costs associated with IT infrastructure operation and support;
  • You can save on staff training;

As a result, your company reaches a higher degree of services, the risks associated with the IT system maintenance  and operation lower significantly, and as a consequence you can fatten the profits and lower the expenses.