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Success in a company’s activity and its development depends on a number of factors, one of which is the continuity of IT services.
If before for an effective business it was enough to have a computer and a simple business software suite, nowadays if the company does not imply comprehensive solutions, it is not going to be competitive.

The penetration of such solutions is the direct duty of an IT specialist, who will take upon himself not only troubleshooting, professional software installation and extra computers networking, but will also offer a complex solution to the IT infrastructure development. Such a specialist should be technically competent and be an effective and highly qualified manager – in the other words, he should be not just an engineer, a system administrator or a programmer but an IT-director.

It is not always worth the cost to have such a specialist on the staff, especially in respect to small and medium-sized companies, as such a professional is worth his weight in gold. However, it is possible to actually have such a specialist while not paying the full price of having an IT-director among the members of the staff. This is what IT outsourcing offers.

Among other IT outsourcing services we offer you services of an IT director.

What are you going to get?

You get provided with the results of an analysis of the current state of your IT infrastructure, the level of its meeting the business needs and the extent to which it is ready to develop. Our team consists of professional specialists in IT and management: managers, financial experts, system administrators. By virtue of our smoothy running working system we can implement the new technologies that your business requires as effectively as it is only possible.

We are often contacted by clients, who initially tried to improve IT efficiency by hiring more system administrators. It is absolutely possible to find a really professional system administrator but it is unlikely that he also has good management skills. In most cases system administrators do not have any valuable experience in integrated IT implementation. It does not mean that they cannot develop an IT strategy and then put it into practice.

The absence of positive results can be explained by the poor prioritization. In most cases companies hire a good IT specialist who could be a narrowly focused expert or a multitasker lacking experience. This is the principal error! Companies need a specialist with management skills who is able to build a strong team, develop a strategy and follow it. The best choice could be to hire a third-party specialist together with a team that has considerable experience in successful project implementations. This is exactly what we are here for!

If you want your IT services not to draw your business back but to become the driving force to your company, you should try our IT-director services. We will offer you our highly professional team, best IT practices and many more. We do have whatever is required.

The costs of our services are valuable. We guarantee the best available IT practices and management approaches that meet all the contemporary standards. Your company will constantly develop while our specialists will adjust your IT infrastructure to the company’s needs in due time.

If you contact us today, you will get something very valuable. Not a innovative and unique complimentary grater, but a competitive advantage.