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With the development of electronic commerce in the XXI century there is seen an increased demand for high quality IT services. There emerged a necessity in a more effectively managed IT infrastructure geared towards the company’s needs and able to knit together remote offices based in different corners of the country. Moreover, IT infrastructure should run like clockwork, as any data loss  and any hazard may lead to  serious financial losses. It could be lethal to the business.

Some companies create entire departments for IT infrastructure support, management and modernization. These departments are only aimed at hardware and software support,  IT infrastructure development and problems alike. But these tasks are at variance with the immediate company’s tasks associated with its business. Because of that these new additional tasks cause significant expenses, while the effectiveness of IT departments’ performance in general remains low. The reason to that is that highly professional specialists with management skills are really expensive and hard to find.

If you experience such a problem, we can offer you our services.

What you get:

  • Cuts in expenses on office equipment and IT infrastructure maintenance;
  • Cuts in costs associated with the maintenance of your own IT services department;
  • Minimizing possible risks that could occur due to hardware malfunction;
  • Profit growth.

Could you believe that companies spend as much as one-fifth of their profit on incidental specialists!?

Monthly wages, sick and vacation pays, tax deductions coupled with HR records keeping and tax reporting are a heavy burden hard to bear in the contemporary competitive environment. Is it so rewarding? IT outsourcing allows you to release more funds for the company’s development, save time on paperwork and reduce taxes.

You will know what you are paying for!

Our pricing policy is aimed at our clients being able to choose for themselves the best and the most profitable collaboration pattern.

You will clearly understand what you are paying for. Every single service provided by us is embodied in the treaty. As additional services you can order data back-up, sophisticated equipment adjustment, creation of yet another Wi-Fi network and many others. Not every service is really noticeable to our clients, like for example servers’ monitoring, congestion control or data backup. Our customers can demand a full activity report at any time and be provided with it as soon as it is possible.

Contact us, and we will offer you the best prices! We guarantee the quality of our services. See it for yourself!