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Asterisk IP-telephony

Nowadays it is impossible to underestimate the importance of telecommunications, which not only did not lose their applicability but offered new opportunities for a better communication.

The development of the business in the present times is positively related to the development of the telecommunications. With the opening of new offices and the widening of the clientele there emerges a need in the creation of a unique communication system that would interconnect staff all over the network and let the employees communicate at no charge.

IP  telephony is the key to this puzzle. This technology can be used not only for the creation of a single network for all the offices but also for the creation of call-centers in the provinces with local phone numbers,    incoming calls routing and changing the provider in order to reduce the costs.

Contact-centers implementation deserves a closer attention. These centers help to wisely organize the relationship with the clients, to maximize the client request rate, to better control the services and to positively change the customers opinion about the company and its services.

Our company offers you an integrated Asterisk IP-telephony solution. Apart from simply selling Asterisk automatic telephone systems we provide out customers with a fully holistic solution: we develop numbering plans, income and outcome calls plans, voice menus, recording and reporting systems, ATS fusion, choice of providers and communication with them and many other services that will surely meet all your needs. Safety is our priority.

The benefits of Asterisk IP telephony:

  • increasing of the performance effectiveness and the productivity of personnel;
  • increasing customer loyalty towards the company;
  • cuts in expenses on phone calls;
  • possibility to integrate business-oriented software and voice-to-voice communication.

As a result of our teamwork you will get a fully integrated system that meets all the needs of a contemporary business and that is ready to develop and widen as the business does, and a telecommunication network that meets even the most demanding safety requirements.

It is often mistakenly thought that IP telephony is very expensive, but it is not true. This technology is of great advantage to the gaining of competitive edge, maximizing of sales and customer trust, and all that at such a low price!

If your competitors are already benefiting from IP telephony while you are still waiting for a right opportunity –  it can only mean that they have gone far ahead. Just imagine that you are still opening the ground with the plow while your neighbors are already using the combine. Who is going to win? The occasion you have been waiting for is right here.

Contact us and you will get an Asterisk integrated IP telephony network in no time.