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Complex data backup system

Even if the team consists of highly skilled professionals, who work using advanced equipment, it is still possible that losses of some important data can occur. It could happen due to human-initiated malfunction, force majeure events, virus attacks, software breakdowns or hardware failure. Complex data backup system would restore IT infrastructure in the event of a hazard. Sad but true, in many companies their own IT departments tend to disregard data backup and data recovery program’s development. It could be fatal to the company: it suffers dramatic losses due to downtime and data loss.

Do you want to know how the situation stands in your company? Do a simple test – ask your technical support department to restore a file or a data base of a particular day or week. Will you get the information requested and how soon?

In order to prevent various hazards from influencing the overall performance of the whole company, you should create a complex data backup system and develop a recovery program. It is a complex task, where it is necessary to find a good balance between data accessibility in case of any problems (even in the event of fire or hardware theft) and the recovery system costs.

Our company will create for you a complex data backup system, develop an emergency plan to be followed in the event of a hazard, choose the proper tools to do so (software and hardware) and guarantee their implementation and support.

We have wide real-life experience, our own well-tried off-to-shelf solutions and highly professional specialists. Contact us, and we will do our best to prevent viruses, hazards and errors from jeopardizing your company’s overall performance. The costs of our services compare favorably with other similar companies’ costs.