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Virtual infrastructure creation

Nowadays it is vital that any business keeps up to the time. In the first place, in order to achieve this, it is needed to reach more effective IT infrastructure management, make it clear and transparent, cut the expenses and use the available resources in a more productive way. This task could be solved by virtualization.

Virtualization can address various IT fields. There can be software virtualization, server virtualization, hardware virtualization, application virtualization and user virtualization.

The virtualization of a running IT infrastructure is a complex problem that requires a mindful approach, knowledge and experience. The range of virtualization tasks can only be entrusted to skilled professionals. Our specialists are exactly the ones for this job. We provide virtualization along with the preliminary evaluation of the company’s IT infrastructure, its capabilities and needs.

The advantages of IT virtualization are:

  1. Increase in IT infrastructure flexibility. Due to virtualization it is possible to promptly create various operation environments, which in turn enable a quick and easy application launch, their removing and rearranging among the environments and a system failure recovery.
  2. Ease of testing and developing. Virtualization makes the implementation of various operating systems easier, thus accelerating the processes of testing and development. By the virtue of virtualization developers can test applications in virtual environments and compare their productivity in operation environments.
  3. Cuts in hardware costs. Company’s expenses on hardware go down due to the possibility of a co-temporary functioning of dozens and hundreds of virtual servers based on the single real one.
  4. Energy savings. Virtualization reduces the number of real servers, and as a result there is no need in a huge data center, hence the expenses on energy and cooling go down.
  5. Server consolidation possibility. It often happens that only 20 per cent of all the processing power of a real server is really used. Virtualization helps to increase the hardware efficiency by 80 per cent.

Complete virtualization significantly affects all the aspects of IT infrastructure management. It guarantees  increased efficiency and flexibility, and also offers economic advantages to the company.

Not using the benefits of modernization is same as flying on an airship, sending letters with homing pigeons and curing by bloodletting in the XXI century.

Just call us and we will offer you the best possible passage towards virtualization with the full usage of your hardware (if it is possible and feasible) and minimized, or better reduced to zero, downtime risks. Thus end customers will only note that the servers work faster and better and there won’t be any harm to the company’s business processes as a result of the virtualization program launching. After having successfully completed many projects on IT infrastructure virtualization and after having been supporting them since, we do have the knowledge and experience that only an IT outsourcing company can have. We can help you. It’s time to set the pigeons free!