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IT infrastructure relocation

IT infrastructure relocation is one of the services we proudly offer. We help moving companies to relocate their IT infrastructure or its part to the new building.

Sometimes it happens that during the relocation process companies face downtime problems. It is relatively easy to arrange the furniture in the new office but it is impossible to start working without computers, telephones, office equipment and services. Moreover, it is necessary to be considerably competent in the matter and thus to be able to totally reconstruct the IT infrastructure at the new location (you can rearrange the furniture but never the infrastructure). There are many hidden dangers and peculiarities that may be foreseen only by a professional!

For the purpose of achieving downtime reduction and business risks minimization the relocation should be handled during the weekend or after a working day. Thus the staff, after having finished working in one building, next day could come directly to the new location and start working productively.

We have wide experience in relocation of all kinds and complexity and enough team members to handle bigger IT infrastructure transportation.

Within the relocation service provided by us our specialists will:

  • draw up an inventory of the network equipment, office equipment and computer hardware, so that not a singe mouse is lost;
  • carry out an analysis of the IT infrastructure current condition;
  • propose a package of solutions to the optimization of the network performance at the new location;
  • prepare the equipment for the transportation;
  • relocate and reconnect the computers and the other equipment considering all the possible peculiarities and details of the transportation process;
  • install the equipment at the new location;
  • test the performance of the equipment.

Based on the relocation scope the scheduled tasks could be divided into different stages. Our specialists will estimate the relocation scope and design an efficient schedule for the IT infrastructure transportation.

In such an important affair it is better not to resort to the services of ordinary transportation companies. Ordinary movers just do not have the necessary skills and experience when it comes to the removal of the sophisticated equipment. They will definitely not be able to correctly disconnect, pack and relocate every single element of the IT infrastructure, and then reconnect them at the new location and check their  performance as per instructions. As a result you may be facing with various problems for several weeks as you will have to figure out how to get back on track and start working normally.

Let the transportation companies transport office furniture! IT infrastructure relocation is something that only professionals can do. Everybody should do what they are good at. If you are planning to relocate, feel free to contact us.