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An effective and efficient IT infrastructure, its smooth operation and technical support guarantee any company steady business performance. Majoring in IT outsourcing we primarily provide our clients  with technical support and IT services.

The reason for that is that at a certain stage of its development every company comes to an understanding that it needs a smoothly running and efficient IT management system. It often happens that attempts to self-control the IT infrastructure lead to failure. Why does it happen? Because it is unprofitable to hire a team of IT professionals, while common system administrators without management skills simply do not have the required knowledge and experience.

Our company offers you first-class IT services within the realm of IT outsourcing. Every day our specialists   provide services to more than a thousand of customers all over the country. These customers work in various business fields, and every one of them has their own priorities and special needs, which we are to be taken into account. To meet these requirements we use up-to-the-minute and highly effective ways of providing technical support and monitoring. It is the only way to provide companies with operational comfort and guarantee them an advantage over competitors.

We have built a multiple tier system of technical support, which includes direct support provided to our customers both on our behalf and under the customer’s name. In the latter case the end customers are unsuspicious of the fact that the technical support they are getting is provided by a third party. Our specialists use the voice menu pattern and hello messages of the customer company.

As extra services we offer engineering support and staff outsourcing. This co-employment is called personnel lease, or outstaffing. This collaboration scheme allows employers to outsource employees not only when their own staff members are absent on leave or on sick leave but to also outsource entire departments or even the entire staff, hiring employees from a company-oustaffer.

Our company offers you various solutions to your IT infrastructure technical support. We can provide you with a wide range of services and achieve the best results. It is all possible due to our long experience and innovative approach to our tasks. If you need professionals, contact us!