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First-line support (help-desk)

Tech support is one of the most important aspects of the services regarding IT infrastructure. In the end, the results of what IT departments do depend on every single user. What a user feels within this very IT environment is then the most important criterion of the IT services performance evaluation. Therefore, if a user has a question or is facing a problem it is crucial to help him out as soon as it is only possible by responding to the queries. It is essential to provide the user with all the information about the current situation about the development of a solution to his problem. This is what the first-line support  (help-desk) is for.

The first-line tech support is responsible for the initial determination of the customer’s issue before it is sent to second-line support technical specialists for the eventual solving. The extent to which the underlying problem is figured out and analyzed is crucial to the speed at which the issue is later solved.

The creation of a service desk that meets all the requirements of the quality standards is a long and complex process. There must be developed and put into practice operational rules and regulations, supporting processes, tech support team training and control etc.

We offer you to hand your first-line IT support over Expertcom outsourcing. Our specialists on a daily basis take care of more than 1,500 work positions across the country and we already have a ready-to-use technical support service that is able to receive and deal with IT inquiries. It allows us to fundamentally deal with the first-line support issues from the inquiry filling and the identification of the problem to its resolution either within level 1 or level 2 support.

This approach would help you to lessen the routine burden of your own employees and make them concentrate on their immediate tasks, which in the end will assure a better quality of your business output.

In addition to that, we can offer you a total integration of our support team into your company’s support team. Your customers will never note that they are talking to an outsourced technician. We will integrate the numbering plans, voice menus, call diversions – all that will guarantee comfort environment to those who contact the help-desk. We are also ready to receive and deal with the inquiries from all over the country, use your own phone numbers or provide our own number 007-800-555-help.

IT outsourcing with Expercom is effective and efficient. Choose the service plan that meets all your needs. You can pay for every single inquiry separately or to sign a service agreement and get a full package of services.