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IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing offers a wide range of advantages to your business development, among which: tax optimization, savings in human resources management costs, prompt responses to any problems and hazards and well-timed implementation of effective solutions.

By the means of IT outsourcing our company offers you a way to switch from human resources management to results management. You will no longer base your business strategy on your team’s capability. It often happens that employees are not ready to bear responsibility and deal with renovations or work under the principle “everything seems functioning, why should we change anything.”

Meanwhile the new technologies rapidly replace the old ones. It is impossible for a not specialized company to keep up, and who said that riding before the hounds is necessary? Self-development of IT solutions in most cases can be inexpedient, while any activity should be economically justified and compensated.

Yet another problem lies in the fact that there is a common belief that technically reliable hardware coupled with well-functioning software brings to naught personnel errors. It a direct threat that can endanger the entire business performance.

Why do the problems arise?

Any IT system is a complex body that requires professionalism in its usage and real-life experience of dealing with emergency situations. Somebody who does not face these problems and does not tackle them every single day cannot possibly envisage a scenario that can lead to such problems and then attack them in no time.

IT outsourcing helps to solve the problems with the use of its specialization profile – informational technologies – and the ability to fully focus on immediate tasks.

It should be realized, however, that a switch to IT outsourcing does not mean that all the problems will be soon unconditionally tackled and the expenses on them will immediately drop. IT outsourcing is about a change in the interaction model in the field of IT and means a switch from working within the “old Tilly” frame to the real business-to-business pattern.

What does such a change bring to you?

First of all, it makes the companies go away from the question “Can you do it?” and then a constant outcome expectations to a fine-tuned project-based approach with clearly defined deadlines, costs and solutions. 

Within the realm of IT outsourcing we offer you two approaches to IT maintenance: a project-based approach, which deals with the penetration of solutions and  changes introduction, and a process approach, which deals with immediate IT infrastructure operation. We place special emphasis on the security of our clients’ confidential information and it pays off. Through the well-designed support process, compliance with technical regulations and the up-to-date reporting to the front office any attempts to leak secret information are effectively prevented.

The advantages you gain by signing a contract with Expertcom for IT outsourcing services:

  1. You will get a team of experienced professionals working for you and consisting of IT managers and system engineers and administrators.
  2. Careful deadline and budget management, superior performance quality and cast-iron guarantees reinforced with financial responsibilities.
  3. A turn-key technical support infrastructure.
  4. Financial freedom and cleared funds available because of the cuts in expenses on IT.
  5. Satisfaction and confidence in the new privacy policy and your secret information safety. Our system administrators will not be provided with more access to your data than it is needed and allowed by the treaty.

IT outsourcing is primarily a service. It is not objective, hence it is rather difficult to value it before starting to actually benefit from it. At the same time it is never easy to find an appropriate outsourcing company, and the wrong choice will cause many problems. Choose the reliable IT outsourcing company!

If you choose us you will get an experienced and reliable partner that started to work in the field of IT services long before the numerous competitors flooded the market. We do not impose excessive services, we do not force up prices and we do not persuade anyone into partnership, and at the same time our clientele is constantly growing due to the recommendations given.