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Personnel leasing (outstaffing)

Spending reduction is the primary target for any company. One of the first cost items to be revised is the company’s personnel. Nowadays it is easy to minimize the staff expenses by using the service of personnel leasing, or the so called outstaffing.

Outstaffing is nothing but a personnel leasing from a third-party and charging it with some tasks regarding HR management. Our company offers you two types of outstaffing:

  • employment of the customer’s personnel within the outsourcer team, which will eventually work directly with the clients;
  • providing a third-party specialist for a specific project and within specified time limits.

Personnel leasing includes:

  • official employment under the Russian Federation Labor Code and for a prescribed by the law period of time;
  • HR records keeping and reporting;
  • tax payment.

What are you going to get?

  1. Cuts in expenses on Human Resources department;
  2. Cuts in tax burden;
  3. Reducing to zero the risks of court trials started by employees;
  4. Optimized documentation management pattern;
  5. Possibility to extend the employee’s probationary period from 3 to 12 months.

Furthermore, the number of your employees remains the same. Every specialist is provided with all the social protection and an uninterrupted length of service. While we bear all the financial and juridical responsibility.

Within the services of personnel leasing your company can order some additional services, like providing the staff with health insurances, business trips subsistence allowance repayment, fuel and mobile telephony repayment.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible and effective results of our clients’ businesses. In order to do so we offer you our wide experience, skilled specialists and customized approaches to your company’s issues. Contact us and we will help you to solve all your problems!